non-material Christmas gifts…

This Christmas I want…

» My girls to be ok.
» My family to be ok.
» To find out more about that new microbe that uses arsenic instead of phosphorus to grow
» To create something good (music, app, website)
» To play my guitar really loud with a full band (the agents)
» To run a marathon
» To play a song with my three daughters (Gianna-vocals, Maria-piano, Sofia-drums?)
» To play basketball (without my knees hurting)
» To try a yoga class
» To cook a meal with my daughters (something like this or this)
» To take my wife to a nice dinner, maybe here or here
» To devise a really good easter egg hunt for my kids.

Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad!


2 responses to “non-material Christmas gifts…”

  1. Zapes says :

    Rock on zapes
    Rock on
    Rock on zapesman

  2. gianna says :

    I really think we should make the garlic noodles with crab. (please!)

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